Best Seeds for Medical Marijuana

Best seeds for medical marijuana
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CBD Blue Shark

Best seeds for medical marijuana

CBD Blue Shark is a 100% indica cannabis strain that has been developed by Barney’s Farm in collaboration with the CBD Crew. Plants with a close CBD:THC ratio are being developed as part of an ongoing medicinal marijuana program, and with a ratio of 1:1, CBD Blue Shark has just about the perfect combination.

CBD Blue Shark is the result of a project carried out in collaboration with CBD crew in order to obtain a quality hybrid for therapeutic use. It is a beautiful, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, medium-sized, compact marijuana plant that grows vigorously and yields large compact resinous buds. Offering bumper crops in an easy way and with little effort, this strain is suitable for growers of all levels. In Wisconsin, cannabis use is restricted to medical CBD, which is prescribed to patients who are suffering from severe or debilitating seizures and epilepsy.


Best seeds for medical marijuanaBubblegum Is a multiple cannabis cup winning strain that is all about flavour. The feminized version means sweet and sticky plants that taste just like old fashion bubblegum you used to get in trading cards.Bubblegum Medical Marijuana seeds are a perfectly balanced collection of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genetics. Stabilized in Holland, but originally created in the USA, these Cannabis seeds are perfect for both medical and recreational users alike. Famous for its sweet candy flavor, Bubblegum has won countless awards and Cannabis Cups for its unique taste and blended high/body-stone effects.

Bubblegum Marijuana seeds create compact, strong plants, perfect for the Sea-of-Green growing technique. Grown indoors using this method,  the crop will produce the heaviest yields, in the shortest period of time, generating a dense canopy that will fill the entire growing area. Bubblegum Marijuana seeds remain short and compact, producing close lateral branches capable of supporting the heavy-weight buds this strain generates. Bubblegum has a pleasing hue of green with pretty orange and purple hairs in trichomes. It has a pungent but fruity scent but can be smelled in the entire room even with a small quantity. Bubblegum marijuana seeds grow a high level of THC crystals. THC is the part of the bud which delivers the high from smoking marijuana.


Best seeds for medical marijuanaAgent Orange is well suited for outdoor cultivation, growing to huge proportions in Northern Californian gardens and showing beautiful deep colour changes as the night temperatures become cooler. Buy marijuana seeds for sale at the online seed bank and get plenty more than just agent orange seeds. Buy Agent Orange seeds in the new 2016 stores for all of us to get. Agent Orange is a strain of cannabis derived from Space Queen, Jack’s Cleaner, and Orange Skunk. This is a powerful medical marijuana product widely known and used by those suffering from chronic pain. It is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica, and one of the most popular hybrids out there.


Best seeds for medical marijuanaThe Afgoo marijuana strain looks are wonderful too. The nugs though dark green, looks pale green to olive green as it is covered with crystals of golden haired trichomes with bright warm tangelo pistils. The large, gluey nuggets smell like a generous horde of tangy orange, sour grapefruit and cherry.

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