Breaking: PA Needs Help With Medical Marijuana Regulations

Breaking PA Needs Help With Medical Marijuana Regulations
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In April Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. Now the PA Department of Health is seeking the input of Growers, Dispensaries, and Patients to assist with the first draft of regulations. The first draft of rules can be found here, Dispensaries, Growers, and Patients may download the draft and directly comment on the regulations. The deadline for returning the commented drafts is August 28.

The PA Department of Health is also seeking the input of Patients and Caregivers willing to take a survey on the temporary regulations. The PA Medical Marijuana program will not be implemented until early 2018, but the first round of regulations is your chance to make your voice heard. Deadline for the survey is September 1st.

Please note that the information provided through the survey and commented drafts may be used by the PA Department of Health, thereby, your answers are not private in any way. This should not dissuade you from providing any helpful information that you have gathered on the subject. The marijuana world is a close-knit group, and people are suffering from terrible conditions, so please provide honest and insightful answers to the questions.

Update: Safe Harbor

With the upcoming medical marijuana program not in place until 2018, Pennsylvania legislatures and Gov. Tom Wolf have drafted a Safe Harbor letter, which if approved, would allow parents of minors to procure marijuana from out of state.

“Parents, legal guardians, caregivers, and spouses will be able to apply to the department for a Safe Harbor Letter that will allow them to administer medical marijuana obtained from outside of Pennsylvania to minors in their care,” said Secretary Murphy. “Once approved, the letter should be carried whenever medical marijuana is being transported outside of an individual’s home.”

To qualify for the Safe Harbor program, a parent or guardian must apply at the Pennsylvania Department of Health website and provide the following information:

* Safe Harbor Physician Form

* Pennsylvania Background Check

This article will be updated periodically with any new information or data.