Edibles Explained


We’ve all heard of marijuana edibles and how potent they can be but the process to create these yummy, cannabis infused goodies can be quite confusing for the beginner cannabis cook.

Are you thinking about making a batch of good old weed brownies but not too sure of where to start? There are a few mistakes that one can make while creating these concoctions. We are going to give you a few tips on how to avert yourself from making these most common mistakes made while cooking with marijuana. With a little help and guidance, it’s really not hard at all.

Marijuana is not a direct ingredient in most edibles.

Most edibles are made with cannabis-infused oil or butter. Throwing a bunch of ground ganja into your brownie batter isn’t recommended, and many newbies make this mistake. The process can take a little while, but one batch of canna-oil or cannabutter will help you be one step closer to becoming a master marijuana chef.

There is such a thing as over medicating with edibles.

The quickest way to over medicate with marijuana is by ingesting it. This can cause anxiousness, disorientation, or paranoia. Before jumping in, test your marijuana to check its potency and remember that it will intensify when you cook with it. But you can also make a weak batch and in that case eating more is okay.

Don’t over grind the plant material.

Despite what many other websites say, when you finely grind the ganja you will have more herbal flavors and can cause the green coloring to increase.

It’s recommended to add water while infusing.

When using stovetops, the water helps while infusing at a temperature that is lower. It also helps you advert from burning your batch. This can cause a horrible taste and kill any hopes of successfully extracting due to cooking at a high temperature. The water will aid in taking away the potent herbal flavor and washing out some of the green colorings.

THC will completely degrade when temperatures exceed 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Pay attention to the temperatures while cooking with cannabis.

Check your portions. We’ve expressed the importance of dosage, but it’s also important to make sure you’re adding enough medication. If you are unsure of how many servings your recipe will make, it can be difficult to figure out how much you should add. The proper dose is determined by dividing the entire amount of the infusions with your recipe.

Be sure to decarboxylate. Too much heat can kill your THC potency, but you still will need heat. Did you know that the plant itself does not contain any THC? There is THC-acid in the plant, but it requires an addition of heat or known as decarboxylation that will convert the acid into THC. This process is managed whenever completing the process of infusion. When cooking with hashish or kief, it is recommended to decarboxylate before cooking with it.

Sweets aren’t the only foods you can turn into marijuana edibles. Almost any food can be marijuana-infused. It actually helps hide the herbal flavor that some people don’t exactly enjoy. You can even infuse your Thanksgiving turkey!