Treating Anorexia With Cannabis


Eating is quite a pleasurable activity for most. We often indulge to experience a great euphoria when eating something we have a taste for. Then there are others who suffer daily from anxiety because of what they eat.

People who are diagnosed and suffer from anorexia nervosa can often have the feeling of constant anxiousness at the sight, mention, or smell of food. They attempt to ease their anxiety by avoiding food and ignoring their growling stomachs. Although they try their best, their mind will not completely ignore the thought of food. Eating is part of survival, and our brain releases dopamine while eating. It’s a very concerning issue.

The condition is a psychiatric disorder that can be identified by one abnormally restricting their diet, eating habits that are poor, self-esteem issues, & severe weight loss that’s self-inflicted. Many medical experts have a hunch that both bulimia and anorexia can be caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

Sadly, a vast majority of patients never take the step to get professional medical help. Possibly from shame or guilt about their disorder. Clinical symptoms can vary, and the treatments do too. Patients are commonly treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, prescribed anti-depressants, and nutritional guidance. Although, the side effects from the antidepressants has caused some patients to suffer.

Studies have shown that the CB1 receptors in your brain can be stimulated with THC. These receptors are what we rely on for smell and taste. This means that THC can help stimulate parts of the brain that allow you to have that euphoric feeling when eating. Yes, that’s how you wound up in the kitchen with a sandwich, chips, and a bowl of ice cream. Medical professionals do believe that the benefits of using cannabinoids could possibly treat patients suffering from anorexia. It would help ease mood swings but also to encourage eating while gaining healthy weight. Science has also revealed to use that THC can target anandamide which is part of fatty acid ethanolamides. They are responsible for regulating body weight and eating habits. Studies show it causes overeating by activating cannabinoid receptors. Medical professionals point out that this could be exploited as an option for therapeutic treatment of anorexia patients.

There was recently a three-year clinical study that confirms THC can help patients with anorexia to aid in gaining weight without the crazy side effects. The report was in small numbers, but that small percentage of anorexia patients had a great improvement in gaining weight. Organic nature can nurture people better than any other option there is on the market.

For anorexia patients that have anxiety or depression, marijuana can work its magic with one puff. It will actually stimulate an appetite response, without dealing with any side effects. Although it has been legalized in a few states, it still receives backlash for being suggested as a treatment for psychiatric disorders, this includes anorexia. Many countries are embracing the benefits that cannabis has and noticing the potential it has to be used therapeutically.