10 Marijuana Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Florida Voters to get Another chance to allow Medical Marijuana
  1. George Washington had a hemp farm.


George Washington grew hemp during his lifetime in Mount Vernon, Virginia. The fibers that are found in hemp were perfect for producing sail canvases and ropes. They could also be used to create clothing. According to records in Mount Vernon, hemp fibers played a significant role in his fishing operation’s nets along the Potomac River.

Sometime during the 1760’s, he had to consider if hemp would be a more profitable crop than tobacco. He later made the decision that wheat was his best option.

  1. Growing Hemp was required by law in the colonial years of America.

Quite a few years after Jamestown was discovered, the leaders declared that all colonists were required to grow healthy harvests of hemp. If one refused to abide by this law in Virginia during the 17th, 18th, and 19th century, they were arrested and served a mandatory sentence.

  1. Overdosing is nearly impossible.

You would have to smoke 800 joints in a short period of time to overdose. Although, you would have effects from carbon monoxide poisoning rather than the marijuana itself.

  1. The first marijuana citizen arrest in the United States occurred in October of 1937.

Samuel Caldwell was placed under arrest in 1937. This is the year that the Marijuana Tax Act went into effect. The law did not ban the use of cannabis, but the legal sale of it, and its use was so heavy that it was nearly impossible for people to afford it. He was arrested for not paying taxes on the marijuana he sold. This was the year the Marijuana Tax Act went into effect. He had a sentencing of four years hard labor and a hefty fine of $1,000. That would be a total of $16,894.64 USD in 2016.

  1. California was the first state to pass a law that prohibited the use and sale of marijuana.

There was not public press on this law when it was enacted in 1913; it’s been referred to as “the forgotten origins of cannabis prohibition in California.” California was also the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. Quite ironic!

  1. Beer and weed are related…sort of.

Cannabis and Humulus lupulus (or hops) are both species of the cannabaceae family. There is a total of at least 170 species in this plant family.

  1. The only government-approved and legal weed farm can be found at The University of Mississippi.

In 2015, the government granted Ole Miss with $68.8 million to fund a legal grow operation for research purposes. Ole Miss has been the sole producer of federally legal marijuana since the year 1968.

  1. Bhutan uses marijuana as pig food.

Weed is literally considered a weed in Bhutan because it grows rampantly everywhere. It seems that no one smokes it so it’s used as a primary source to feed their porky livestock.

  1. Marijuana delivers the dope-amine (dopamine).

Dopamine is defined as an organic neurotransmitter that triggers the brain’s pleasure centers. It can affect your mood,  behavior, cognition, attention span, memory, etc. Dopamine deficiency has been linked to diseases such as Parkinson’s.

  1. There are no reported deaths caused by weed.

You are more likely to die from being hit in the head by a coconut than overdosing on marijuana. Maybe, a vending machine?


  • 150 deaths annually caused by coconuts
  • 450 deaths annually caused by falling out of bed
  • 600 deaths annually caused by autoerotic asphyxiation
  • 2500 deaths annually resulting from left-handed people using right-handed designed products
  • 6000 deaths annually caused by tripping and falling

What are the odds?