12 Year-Old Alexis Bortell Sues Jeff Sessions for Seizure Medical Marijuana

12 Year-Old Alexis Bortell Sues Jeff Sessions for Seizure Medical Marijuana
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12 Year-Old Alexis Bortell Files Lawsuit Against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

LARKSPUR, Colo. – A 12-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the right to receive medical marijuana in her home state. Alexis Bortell has epilepsy and also suffers from seizures. The treatments that are permitted by the FDA are ineffective, so Alexis and her family moved from Texas to Colorado where medical marijuana is legal.

Alexis is the first child to sue Jeff Sessions in opposition to the federal marijuana policy. Sessions has been outspoken about his opinion on weed in the past, saying that people who use marijuana are not good people. The lawsuit states that Alexis had multiple seizures daily and no treatment was effective until trying medical marijuana.

Her doctor recommended brain surgery, but the family wanted to exhaust less invasive treatment options. The doctor recommended medical marijuana but advised the family that it was not yet legal in Texas. Not only did Alexis have immediate relief from her seizures with medical marijuana, she has not had a seizure for several years. “Since being on whole-plant medical Cannabis, Alexis has gone more than two years seizure-free.” Alexis takes marijuana in the form of cannabis oil. She has two drops of the medicine daily, saying “I’d say it’s a lot better than brain surgery.”

Alexis wants to be able to return to her native Texas when it is time to attend college. She also wants to be able to visit family without risking prosecution, saying in the lawsuit “I would like to be able to visit my grandparents without risking being taken to a foster home.” The lawsuit argues that Alexis shouldn’t be subject to arrest just because she is in Texas with her medicine.

Also participating in the lawsuit filed in New York last July is a military veteran with PTSD, a little boy with the neurometabolic disorder Leigh’s disease and former Broncos football player and Super Bowl winner Marvin Washington. The lawsuit deems the schedule 1 classification of marijuana is unconstitutional and that the federal laws on marijuana were a result of racial prejudice stemming from the 1960’s. Charles Rosenberg, the director of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency is also named in the lawsuit.