CyberCar and WebJoint use blockchain to automate compliance reporting for the cannabis industry

CyberCar and WebJoint use blockchain to automate compliance reporting for the cannabis industry
credit:PR Newswire

CyberCar, the company bringing blockchain to connected cars, is piloting a program this month with WebJoint, a provider of SAAS software for cannabis delivery companies. The pilot will allow WebJoint to offer clients regulation compliance on cargo, vehicles, and drivers through reports automatically generated from CyberCar’s blockchain data.

“Compliance reporting has always been the largest hurdle for the cannabis industry,” says Chris Dell’Olio, CEO and Founder of WebJoint. “With CyberCar embedded in our solution, we are able to totally automate all municipal and state reporting requirements.”

CyberCar secures data to and from connected cars using blockchain technology. Blockchain keeps an unchangeable—or immutable—ledger of important data events. The blockchain is made up of nodes, which form a consensus, and each node has its own immutable record of the same data.

Connected vehicle data is produced onto a computer “gateway” inside the vehicle, then fed into a hosted cloud solution. This data is vulnerable to being altered. CyberCar can protect the data by collecting and recording it from inside the vehicle on the vehicle gateway. CyberCar then stores the data with blockchain on the CyberCar node.

This means that even if the data generated from the vehicle were to be altered in any way, the original data collected by CyberCar would remain unchanged and available for verification on a CyberCar blockchain node.

“By blockchain-enabling data coming off cargo, vehicles, and drivers, we provide an immutable source of data for multiple parties to view and trust,” says Pat Kennedy, CEO and Founder of CyberCar. “We are thrilled to work with WebJoint to prove out this technology in the Cannabis industry.”

The WebJoint pilot kicks off in July 2017, and the companies will be ready for customers by the fourth quarter of 2017. Two of WebJoint’s customers will take part in the pilot, which will involve 10 delivery vehicles. During the pilot, CyberCar’s blockchain-enabled Secure Telematics Platform will track cargo, vehicle, and driver, and generate automatic compliance reports from CyberCar’s blockchain data.

CyberCar is the Colorado-based company that is bringing blockchain to connected cars. CyberCar’s Solutions Lab operates pilot programs with interested partners. To learn more, visit Request CyberCar’s white paper. Find out about CyberCar pilot programs.