Next step for Brookville medical marijuana grow facility after state isssues permit

Next step for Brookville medical marijuana grow facility after state isssues permit
credit:South Carolina Dispensaries

Brookville, Jefferson County, Pa. – Jefferson County Commissioners say they were shocked- as they sat around a live stream- to hear Brookville be called as the state announced the 12 permits for medical marijuana.

“There’s all the counties and all the places it’s going to happen and when Brookville came across there with Jefferson County, it was pretty cool,” says Jefferson County Commissioner Herbert Bullers.

The manufacturing facility  in Brookville, will be run by Cresco Yeltrah LLC, a South Carolina based company. The group says a news conference is in the works. Bullers recalls meeting with the company, saying,  “They were very impressive. They had all the right things to say and they’re not new to the game that’s the thing.”

“This is to help people with serious illness, this isn’t a recreational thing. Everybody knows somebody that has cancer,” says County Commissioner Jeff Pisarcik.

The company will be housed out of the old St. Marys Carbon building. The 48 hundred square foot facility is located just off the Hazen exit of interstate-80.  Pisarcik says it will make for easier transportation measures. “They  have direct access right of their parking lot to 80 and major highways.”

Just steps away from the old carbon building is the Jefferson County Jail. The commissioners say that there will be security measures in place, including a fence around the building. “The security will be second to none around it, so the regulations that the state has set up, are very stringent,” says Pisarcik.

The commissioners say, once the facility is running, it will bring jobs to the area. “It’s going to open up a few jobs, that’s the things we look at employing the people. I think that’s the end result,” says Bullers.

Cresco has 6 months to be up and running. Nothing on site may be grown until the state has approved it operational.