The Beginners Guide To Dabbing

The Beginners Guide To Dabbing

For people who may not be aware, marijuana concentrates have recently made a comeback from the 70s. Talk of cannabis oil (or wax) has been dominating the public and among fellow cannabis consumers for quite some time but not all of the conversations have been positive. Wax is a highly potent, concentrated form of marijuana. You’ve heard many news stations discuss the dangers of dabbing but in fact, it’s not at all dangerous when produced accurately.

Not all cannabis users are familiar with concentrates. If you are a newbie or just seeking tips on how to dab, this will help guide you through the process.

Torch Safety

A torch is an integral part of dabbing because unless you own an electric nail, the nail will need to be manually heated to a specific temperature. When using a torch, it is recommended to pay attention to assure that no butane is leaking that will cause a flammable hazard. Some hand held torches are equipped with features such as an auto lock, but these are not ideal due to safety concerns. It would be hard to enjoy your high if the torch is knocked over and the surroundings are set ablaze.

Start Out Small

Dabs are literally meant to be taken in “dab-sized” portions. When you have your first encounter with wax or any other concentrates, it’s best to start will small dabs to assess your tolerance. The optimal size for a beginner will be enough to cover the dabber’s end.

Use Low Temperatures

Dabbing at a low temperature will allow the consumer to get all the great benefits of concentrates such as the effect and taste. Understanding the material of the nail will help find the best consistency.

If you are not using a glass nail, heat the nail until it is glowing red. Then wait at least a minute, hover your hand over the nail and if the heat is bearable, it is ready to be used for dabbing. Titanium and thick quartz nails will need a little longer cool down time due to these materials being able to retain heat better than other materials.

Beware of the Heated Nail

If you haven’t ever been burned by a heated dab rig nail, consider yourself lucky and continue to take precautions. Did you know that the most noted injury while dabbing is getting burned by the nail?

When using an electric nail, keep your dish facing away from you with the coil wrapped around the dish. The electric nails are always hot when powered on so more attention to it will be required. Non-electric nails are not as hazardous because they are capable of cooling down within a short period of time. Your glassware should always be kept away from the edge to prevent it from being knocked over. That could lead to a potential accident of grabbing the nail, and your hand will be out of commission, leaving you with a scar as a reminder.

Cleaning Between Uses

If you leave a dabber lying around, more than likely there are unwanted pieces and particles of dust, hair, and who knows what else covering it. It’s best to look into buying a dab mat made of rubber to allow ease of keeping your dabbing tools clean. The mat will prevent your tools from falling on the floor, and you won’t have to worry about being interrupted by a dirty dabbing tool. Between hits, wipe down your dabber after applying a little heat.

A clean dab rig will deliver full flavor of your concentrates. There are many cleaning solutions on the market specifically for this purpose. A mixture of rock salt and isopropyl alcohol will give you the same cleaning effects as the solutions because they are mostly made with isopropyl alcohol. It is also a budget friendly option. If you are a brand junkie, by all means, continue to use what works best for you.